Wednesday, 18 June 2008

blog bites

Andrew Sullivan recently wrote a piece for The Times titled "Google is giving us pond-skater minds". In which he argues that if a typewriter took part in the forming of the thoughts of a mind as profound and powerful as Nietzsche’s, what on earth is Google now doing to us? Are we fast losing the capacity to think deeply, calmly and seriously?

Certainly the experience of reading only one good book for a while, and allowing its themes to resonate in the mind, is what we risk losing. But is this necessarily a bad thing. More information is available to more people then ever before, take Wikipedia for example, a phenomenal global project. Internet increased the sale of books, now look at Kindle.

Interestingly though, here I am giving my opinion in a short 200 word blog article, and already thinkning about my next post...more please!

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