Tuesday, 11 August 2009



Absolute simplicity and a brilliant idea in a sector needing a serious shakeup!

Via @martinbailie

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The drinks are on me...

Bladdered. Rat-arsed. Sozzled. Wasted. Smashed. We have an extraordinary number of synonyms for getting pissed in this country, which already says a lot about the current attitude to alcohol.

Little wonder then that the government is so keen to discourage youngsters from hitting the bottle with it’s current high-profile media assault across television, radio, and the web.

Whether or not JospehBailey93 understood it or not, the campaign strategy is clear: make the audience consider their behaviour on a night out. But people like Joseph illustrate the difficulty this campaign faces.

Behavioural change starts with the admission that there is a problem. Seeing drunken behaviour in the cold light of day certainly confronts the problem, but whilst the TV spots spark a conversation, it seems some of the viewers see it only as a benchmark for a good night out.