Friday, 27 February 2009

Facebook gives you cancer (Fact?)

I read the best (ie. worst) Daily Mail article recently. They are currenlty peddaling the idea that new evil is social media. The title of this piece of wonder was 'How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer' a double whammy of Daily mail goodness.

In a nutshell the argument is that sites such as Facebook are causing us to spend less time physically with our friends and more time on the web. From a medical point of view Dr Aric Sigman (who may or may not actually be Dr Nick from the Simpsons) believes some genes, including ones involved with our immune systems, act differently according to how much social interaction a person had with others.

Clearly the headline is a red herring, and pointing the finger to a specific site is a big creative embellishment, but I love this article.

1) The article was online - ah sweet irony!
2) The thought from Robin (Rhondda Valley, Wales) on the comments page was genius (if a little disturbing):
'I think the real issue people are forgetting here is that using Facebook MUST be having some effect on house prices?'
3) Finally as a resultof reading this people took it upon themslevs to unleash an unforgiving and cutting response.

God bless the Internet!

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