Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Does New Media need a different name?

Last night at one of the IPA’s ‘Club 44’ events, Laurence Green spoke about what ideas will thrive in the new media world we live in, what he thinks the new communications model looks like and what this means for agencies. Whilst it was reassuring to hear many of the things we already practice at glue it dawned on me that perhaps new media, just as New Labour before it, is slowly but surely losing its prefix.

Ten years on, consumers and advertisers alike now stare at a much-changed and fast-changing media landscape. We are constantly being told that our industry is slowly adjusting to new conditions: most obviously the emerging dominance of the web and reduced roles for TV and print. But have we not already reached the tipping point?

In Back to the Future 3 (admittedly the worst one) Doc and Marty make a scale model of their latest time bending escape route over Clayton Ravine. If advertising was placed on that model, surely we would now be past the rickety sign exclaiming ‘Point of no return’ and trying to drag the girl (clients?) along for the ride!?

A generation of consumers now exists with no knowledge of life without digital, where brands do rather than say, campaigns can exist and thrive without any traditional media budget and content is king. Creativity by its very nature continues to break or bend the rules that we write for it, I’m just wondering how long the name tag will be kept on its current formation.

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