Monday, 2 February 2009

Are brands too perfect?

Everyone can benefit from a slice of humble pie now and again, brands included. Clay Shirky makes a great point in his short interview about the focus of agencies on producing everything to the highest quality. The single-minded focus on production excellence ends up being alienating to consumers because it doesn't invite dialog.

This is not to say that a misjudged piece of creative will have the consumer come up to you in their hundreds or thousands and thank you for inspiring them with the latest 'I'm a celebrity, come and brand me'.
But the finished piece of high production work is a statement that isn't looking for answers or questions, it's simply a command. Clay's point here is about how agencies and brands can become more human by looking a little less perfect. This is something 2.0 companies know only too well. The idea of being in a perm-beta state is inviting in itself.

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